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Who says your holiday party has to be at a restaurant, with limited room for creativity and personalization? Flexx Productions has all you need to create the perfect Holiday Happy Hour for you and your staff.  Flexx is a one-stop-shop for everything from audio equipment, beverage service, decorations, games and of course – tents.
So why would you choose a tented holiday party? Well, for starters, tents can be set up on company property and can be used for multiple parties or gatherings during traditional work hours.  Your staff doesn’t need to travel any further than just outside the office!  With a tented party, there is no stress about picking the “perfect” venue since you can simply create your perfect party.
Additionally, companies often want to host a special and unique party but rarely have the time to organize or the big budget that some locations require.  Flexx Productions is more than happy to work with you in order to execute your vision, help set up and even assist in hosting your party.  Our passion is making your event perfect!  
Remember, booking your holiday party with Flexx sooner rather than later helps ensure the availability of your rentals. For more information about our products or to book your holiday party, just give us a call!  


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At Flexx Productions we love the newest addition to our inventory: the Tidewater Tent! This tent is not only gorgeous and unique, but it is strong enough to withstand almost any Colorado storm!
tidewater tent

We are discovering the Tidewater Tent is versatile and perfect for any occasion. Customers and party guests are raving about its elegant beauty, yet fun and trendy ambiance.

The Tidewater Tent is also perfect for night events and parties. By playing with lighting and patterns, our customers are hosting the most unforgettable events of the century! The dancing, conversation and fun last all night with this stunning tent.


If you are looking to throw a party, plan a wedding or host an event, consider choosing the newest addition to our inventory, the Tidewater Tent – you will not be disappointed!
And if you are looking to entertain late into the night, Flexx Productions is happy to provide the best rentals for your evening under the Colorado stars!
Read more about the Tidewater Tent here and check out this Youtube video that demonstrates its incredible weather durability – a must in Colorado!  

Click here to contact the Flexx Productions team for more information about rentals and services in Fort Collins, Colorado.  
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Thank you to Highland Tap and Burger and the LOHI Music Festival for helping make June another memorable month at FLEXX Productions! Between the two stages, beer and music, everyone had a great day and we had a great time supplying rentals for the event.
The LOHI Music Festival was created around the idea of a street festival to bring people together with music. This neighborhood party featured local bands, rock & roll, world music, funk and local sponsors, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Event attendees were encouraged to dress in whacky party attire, festival clothes and funky costumes.
The festival lineup stared; Genetics, Tiger Party, The Pimps of Joytime, Joey Porters Vital Organ, moe., Chrome Drones, and The Heavy Pets.
This year the official after party continued at Cervantes in Denver with sets by Everyone Orchestra featuring LOHI All Stars, plus special guests Pimps of Joytime and The Heavy Pets.
This year Sponsors included a collection of large and local brands; Sailor Jerry, Hanger One, Kraken, Hendricks, Avery Brewing Company, Odell Brewing Company, Magic Hat Brewing Company, Barefoot Wine, William Hill Wine, Releaf Center Dispensary and the Pure Medical Dispensary to name only a few.
A significant portion of the proceeds was donated to the Denver Police Officers Foundation, and Colorado’s enormous music scene helped make the LOHI Music Festival one of the largest most reputable festivals in Denver.

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Flexx Productions is excited to announce the arrival and addition of the Tidewater Tent to our inventory!

The Tidewater Tent is a gorgeous and unique rental item that is perfect for weddings, family parties, corporate events and more. With its round edges and clear walls, this tent creates a one-of-a-kind environment. Whether you desire a soft, romantic wedding under the stars or a funky, modern party to remember, the Tidewater Tent is versatile and a perfect centerpiece for every function.

The Tidewater Tent is becoming very popular because of its beauty and durability in severe weather conditions. With the summer thunderstorms in Colorado and snow packed winters, we are excited to offer a reliable and beautiful tent option to the Fort Collins community no matter what the season is. To see how this tent withstands unexpected storms, check out this Youtube video. That’s right… this tent can endure the harsh weather and be the perfect option for winter events!
As a way to celebrate the arrival and addition of the Tidewater Tent to our inventory, we will be offering a 15% discount for anyone who reserves this tent between June 15 and July 29, 2014! Contact us today for questions about pricing and reservations.
See for yourself how beautiful this tent truly is!

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