FLEXX Productions

It must be baby season right now, as I just received an invite for the second baby shower to attend this month, and I am currently planning a baby shower for a friend later this summer!

Adding a few rental items will make any baby shower look great, and is pretty inexpensive to do so! Instead of going out and buying new things such as a large vase, cupcake tree, large glass carafes, why not rent them?!

Renting some special linens to match your color scheme makes any table-scape gorgeous!

Instead of purchasing expensive candle holders that you may or may not use in the future, just rent some clear or white vases/jars – Wrap crepe (streamer) paper around the vase, and VOILA! Perfectly-matched candle holders to your color scheme.

Showers should be FUN, not stressful on the person throwing it!

Call Flexx Productions TODAY to inquire about our rental items!