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A large Clearspan tent from FLEXX Productions set up for an event

4 Awesome Benefits of Clearspan Tents

At FLEXX Productions, we have a variety of tent styles available to rent for your next event.  Although each tent style has its benefits, our Clearspan tents are our favorite. This immensely customizable tent is perfect for all event types, from weddings to festivals to corporate functions. 

Our Clearspan tents are manufactured and designed with the highest quality materials and engineering, making them our top choice for tent rentals in Colorado and Wyoming. Our highly skilled team of technicians is specifically trained to install this tent style safely in any location. With that, here are four benefits you’ll enjoy when you rent a Clearspan tent from FLEXX!

Several large Clearspan structure tents set up for an event at CSU

Clearspan Tents = Versatility

Our Clearspan tents are truly versatile when it comes to dimensions. We have three width options to choose from: 20’, 30’, or 40’. In terms of length, Clearspan tents go up in increments of 10’. This means it’s easy to adjust the tent size based on the final numbers of your event. An additional 10’ can seamlessly be added on as your numbers increase. Alternatively, the tent can be made smaller if your numbers decrease. 

Unsure about which size to start with? Our dedicated Event Specialists will put together a complimentary CAD layout for you. The CAD layout is a 2D and 3D visual of how the tent will look with all the additional party rental items you need beneath it, such as tables, chairs, staging, beverage and bar, and more. Contact our Event Specialist team today to get started!

Two large Clearspan tent rentals set up outdoors on a movie set in Telluride

Clearspan Tents Are Wind Tolerant

Our Clearspan tents are structurally engineered to withstand up to 105 mph winds, which is great for events in Northern Colorado and Wyoming where high winds are common. When it comes to long-term tent rentals, Clearspan tents are our first choice. We’ll spare you from the nitty gritty specifications of how they are built, which gets boring. Essentially, if you are looking for a tent ideal for a long-term setup in a large open space susceptible to high winds (hello Wyoming), look no further than our Clearspan tent.

Looking to book a long-term tent rental? Contact our team today.

Two FLEXX technicians installing a Clearspan tent in the mountains

Set Up Clearspan Tents Anywhere

Unlike other tent styles, Clearspan tents can be secured using stakes or concrete weights. This means a Clearspan tent can be set on just about any surface including grass, dirt, or concrete. We’ve even set them up on rooftops, with approval from the local authorities, of course.  

What’s more, Clearspan tents can be set anywhere because there is no outrigging. In tent terms, this means there are no tent lines. The stakes are put directly through the footplate and the concrete weights are placed on top of the footplates. For those tight spaces, a Clearspan tent is always the best solution. 

Check out the areas we serve to see where we can set up your Clearspan tent rental, or give us a call if you don’t see your location on our list to see how we can help!

View from underneath a clearspan tent with an open front and chairs set up

Clearspan Tents Offer Unobstructed Views

Imagine being a wedding guest and not being able to see the groom’s speech because a pole is blocking your line of sight. Luckily, our Clearspan tents are completely open with no center poles so guests get full views of the space underneath the tent. As an added bonus, you don’t need to work around any poles when setting up any equipment underneath the tent.

We describe our Clearspan tents as similar to a barn space. With no cross cables, the tent feels open and full of possibilities. Check out our gallery where you can find photos of how great our Clearspan tents look underneath.

Ready to Rent Your Clearspan Tent?

We know we aren’t supposed to have favorites, but secretly ours is the Clearspan tent! Their versatility in sizing allows us to set them just about anywhere. Their high wind tolerance is our go-to for long-term tent rentals. And with unobstructed views, they are ideal for any event with infinite possibilities for setup. 

Once you’ve booked your Clearspan tent with FLEXX, what add-on party rentals can be included to really wow your guests? Check out our recent blog, How to Glamorize Your Wedding Tent, for inspiration as you plan your upcoming event!

At FLEXX Productions, we pride ourselves on providing a vast range of clean, high-quality tent rental styles perfect for any event. We are the leading experts in tent and event rentals in Colorado and Wyoming, and we can’t wait to help make your next event one for the books! Contact our team today for your complimentary quote for Clearspan tents and other tent and party rentals!