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30x clearspan tent with open gables and a stage set up on the CSU Rams football field

4 Benefits of Renting an Event Tent for Your Outdoor Summer Event

With summer in full swing, it’s natural to want to spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, music festival, street festival, backyard party, holiday bash, anniversary, or fundraiser, there are countless benefits to renting an event tent from FLEXX Productions for your outdoor event. In today’s blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the top four to help you make your decision. Keep reading to learn more!

Event tent with lighting and open walls set up on a grassy landscape

Shade/Weather Coverage

One of the most obvious benefits of renting an event tent is protection from the elements. A tent can create a comfortable and relaxing environment for your guests, shielding them from the sun’s rays or unexpected rain. You can even place an open gable tent over a stage to allow your band or performer protection from the sun and elements. Not only will a tent protect your dance floor, food, and décor from the elements, but it will also protect your team and security as they help patrons gain access to your event.

Customized event tent with the "Watering Hole" logo set up at the Larimer County Fair in Loveland, Colorado

A Focal Point for Any Area You Want to Highlight

An event tent can serve as an attractive focal point that draws attention and sets the tone for your event. You can customize the tent by adding your branding elements, logos, or simply adding a unique flair such as a bar with custom gable end or a medical tent with a red flag. By doing this, you can create a distinguished space guests will uniquely remember from your event.

Renting an event tent like this massive structure tent provides security for vendors and merchants at large multi-day events

Security and Peace of Mind

If you’re hosting a public multi-day event such as a festival, renting an event tent can help ensure that your merchants’ gear or musician’s equipment is protected by shutting all the walls at night. Having a secure space for your valuable merchandise, gear, and equipment can help to prevent theft or damage, giving you and your festival participants peace of mind throughout the event. 

Renting an event tent offers stunning aesthetics when outfitted with market string lights, floral decorations, and uplighting

Eye-Catching Aesthetics

Last but not least, renting an event tent can add an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor event. You can rent a tent with customizable clear roof panels for your evening event to see the stars while still feeling protected from a sudden rainstorm. Adding market string lights or chandeliers can also add an elegant touch while creating a warm and inviting glow that will light up the tent, especially when used outdoors. These decorative touches can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space and allow you to create the ambiance you desire.

Connect With FLEXX to Rent an Event Tent

Well, there you have it! Renting an event tent for your outdoor summer event brings a multitude of benefits that can turn a standard event into an unforgettable one. At FLEXX Productions, we make renting an event tent simple, seamless, and stress-free. Our experienced field technicians install and de-install all tents, and we’re always happy to conduct a site check to ensure the tent will fit, the site is accessible, and we can help determine if weighting or staking your tent is best. So what are you waiting for? Contact FLEXX Productions today, and let’s ensure that your outdoor event is everything you dreamed of — and more!