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Large Tidewater tent set up for a backyard event

4 Must-Have Party Tent Accessories

When it comes to your party tent rental, there are a variety of accessories that you can choose from to enhance your event. Similar to your main party tent rental, the accessories serve both practical and decorative purposes.

Although each tent style is different, they come with the same accessory options. Your dedicated Event Specialist at Flexx Productions will take the time to explain each accessory category and the different options within each category during your initial inquiry.

At FLEXX, we pride ourselves on our vast party rental inventory options, including the different tent accessories to customize your event. Here are the four must-have party tent accessories that will take your event to the next level.

Opened tent walls in a party tent set up for a wedding


Tent walls are a great way to protect your guests from the elements. Not only are they practical, but they can elevate the aesthetic of your event. That said, you’ll have the option to add tent walls to any of our party tents. Here are a few options to get you started!

Solid Canvas Walls

Our solid white canvas walls offer a neutral backdrop for photos. Also, they help hide any unwanted background items. No one wants outhouses in the back of their wedding photos.

Window Walls

On the other hand, our window walls allow your guests to take in the beautiful Colorado and Wyoming landscapes from inside the tent while being protected from turbulent weather outside.

Speaking of unpredictable weather, all our walls open and close as needed. You can choose to have the walls open on a beautiful sunny day or closed on a gloomy rainy day. This is why we recommend booking walls with your party tent rental, just to be safe. You never know when you might need them and you will sure be glad you added them if you do!

Check out our gallery to see how good our walls look on our tents!

Party tent lit up in the night by lighting rentals for an outdoor event


Lighting is not something people tend to think about when it comes to their party tent rental. For some daytime events, it certainly isn’t an accessory you need. However, if you plan to have your event go on after the sun sets, or start before sunrise, then tent lighting is a must-have.

At FLEXX, we have two types of lighting packages with all our tent rentals you can choose from.

Functional Lighting Package

The first will be a functional lighting package. As its name suggests, the lighting we install in the tent will be your basic LED lights for functional purposes. This lighting package works well for corporate events or catering tents.

Decorative Lighting Package

The second lighting package is our decorative option, in which we install market string lights (also known as bistro lights). This type of lighting serves two purposes; one is to provide lighting within the tent, and two is to add a decorative element.

Want to really wow your guests? Add lighting to your Tidewater tent. The sailcloth canvas will be set aglow at night time, leaving you and your guests awestruck.

View our different lighting options, and contact our team if you have any questions or want more information about our lighting packages.

Multiple tent rentals set up outside for a snowy mountainside event

Heating and Cooling

Making sure your guests are comfortable is as equally important to us as it is to you. That’s why we offer heating and cooling packages for all our tent styles.

Heating Package

Our heating packages range in options from small propane heaters to large HVAC systems. Your dedicated Event Specialist will guide you through the best option based on your specific party tent rental. For all heating packages, we highly recommend walls to retain the heat, which will increase the internal temperature by 40℉ to keep you and your guests comfortable. Our heating packages are especially perfect for those cold winter days in the mountains.

Cooling Packages

Our cooling packages are the perfect solution for those hot summer days when the sun is beating down and the humidity is high. Similar to our heating packages, these cooling packages come in a variety of options, which your Event Specialist will walk you through.

Check out some additional heating and cooling options we offer to help keep your guests comfortable in every season.

Structure tent with clear tent windows and concrete coverings

Concrete Covers

We can set up a tent just about anywhere, and sometimes, we need to use concrete blocks to secure the tent. Although these concrete blocks will keep the tent securely rooted to the ground, they aren’t the prettiest to look at. Therefore, we created custom white canvas covers for all our concrete weights to help keep your party tent rental looking clean and sharp.

Want to find out more about our concrete covers? Call us today to speak to an Event Specialist!

FLEXX Has All the Party Tent Accessories You Need

Every party tent rental is completely customizable based on your requirements. From gorgeous tent styles to stunning accessories, we will build a tent rental package that will bring your vision to life. Our accessory packages are all thoroughly crafted with care to elevate your event. 

At FLEXX Productions, we pride ourselves on being the tent rental experts in Colorado and Wyoming you can trust, and we can’t wait to help make your event one for the books. To find out more about our tent rentals and accessories, give us a call or contact us today!