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Celebrating 20 years of FLEXX Productions with owner, Phil Gottula

Celebrating 20 Years of FLEXX Productions With Owner Phil Gottula

In 2003, Philip Gottula and his previous business partner started FLEXX Productions in a garage. Twenty years later, FLEXX Productions has grown to be the leading expert in the tent and event rental industry. FLEXX has serviced thousands of events across Colorado and Wyoming while providing the highest quality products and services. We sat down with the owner, Phil, to reflect on the last 20 years and the company’s journey toward becoming the leading tent and event rental company in Northern Colorado and Wyoming. Join us in celebrating this incredible milestone!

Over the last 20 years, what are you most proud of that FLEXX Productions has accomplished?

Definitely surviving the 2008 recession and COVID-19 pandemic as a small to midsize business. That is truly a testament to the people of that time. The team went to work reaching out to every possible lead out there. Seeing how we pivoted as a company speaks to the diversity of the rental industry.

Is there anything you know now that you would have liked to know when first starting the business?

Learning about people and their skill sets was one of the most important lessons I wish past Philip had known. Having not only the right people but the individual in the right seat at the business is very important.

What is one product you never want to rent again and why?

Jockey Boxes (aka beer boxes). They were very difficult to connect to a keg, which resulted in a lot of issues. I’ve found the simpler, the better for everyone when it comes to rental products.

Several 40x35 hex frame tents for a colorful mountainside wedding 

What is your favorite rental item the business currently has to offer and why?

Hex Frame Tents: They are a super unique tent style and shape that can create a neat design…think honeycomb!

The FLEXX Productions team in Christmas hats sitting in front of a company truck

What would you say the current success of FLEXX Productions is attributed to?

The people — we have the right people in the right seats. FLEXX Productions has worked hard to create the right work culture to make that happen.

If you could relay any message to your clients, what would it be?

Come to our facility for a tour to better understand our operations. There is a lot that goes into making a flawless event. 

To book a facility tour, call our Client Services Team or send us an email. We’d love to show you around!

Two large structure tents set up for the filming of The Hateful Eight in Telluride, Colorado

What is one of your favorite memories to reflect on since starting FLEXX Productions?

We built two large 20mx20m tents for the filming of The Hateful Eight in Telluride. It was a very unique venue being on the side of a mountain. A beautiful location, but a mud nightmare for the uninstall.

We’re Excited About What the Future Holds for FLEXX!

As we look back on the last 20 years of FLEXX Productions, we can’t help but feel overwhelming gratitude and immense pride for everything we’ve accomplished. From humble beginnings to becoming one of the leading party, tent, and event rental companies in the region, it’s been an amazing journey that we’ve shared with so many incredible clients, partners, and friends.

Of course, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing — we’ve had our fair share of challenges along the way. But each obstacle we’ve faced has only made us stronger and more determined to continue providing our clients with exceptional service, quality products, and unforgettable experiences in 2024 — and beyond!

Most of all, we want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have been a part of the FLEXX Productions family over the years. None of this would be possible without your support, your trust, and your belief in our vision. Here’s to another 20 years of amazing memories, unforgettable parties, and lasting relationships. Cheers!