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Outdoor festival with structure tents, pole tents, and canopy tents of various sizes

A Brief Lesson on Choosing the Right Kind of Tent Rental

Before working at FLEXX, I remember the confused expression on my mother’s face while she spoke on the phone with our local rental company about a tent rental for my high school graduation party. The man on the other line was throwing around names of the various styles they offered, not realizing this was all a foreign language to her. 

At FLEXX, we understand that to most people, a tent is a tent, right? That is, until you actually get on the phone with an event specialist! So to make choosing the right kind of tent rental a lot less painful, we created a breakdown of what each tent type is commonly used for. Read on to learn more, and when you need a tent for your next event, connect with your friends at FLEXX!

Understanding Your Tent Rental Options

Outdoor food festival with numerous pole tents and canopy tent rentals

Frame Tents (High Peak Tents)

Starting with our most versatile option, frame tents are a go-to choice for every event you could imagine. They’re perfect for larger festivals where individual vendors need their own space, as well as a shade source for food and drinks at a backyard barbeque. They are known for their high peaks, and they can be staked into the ground, or held down by weights. Frame tents come in three different profile sizes: 10x, 15x, and 20x, but we also have a unique hexagon-shaped frame tent that will make any event stand out!

Large lakeside wedding reception held under a 40x80 pole tent rental

Pole Tents

There’s a good chance that when you imagine a tent for a wedding or outdoor party, you are picturing a pole tent. Pole tents are traditional and classically designed with big peaks. They get outrigged, meaning they get staked down about 7-8 feet out from the legs, so make sure you account for an extra 16 feet when measuring your space! Pole tents cannot be weighted, and they come in 30x, 40x, and 60x profiles. Pole tents are especially perfect for weddings. Clients also opt for a pole tent when they want to elevate a graduation or ceremony of some kind, and these tents can hold anywhere from 50-400 people.

Large clearspan tent rental set up outdoors for a beautiful mountainside wedding and reception

Clearspan Tents

Clearspan structure tents are aptly named, as they are known for their open layout, meaning they do not have any center poles or limitations like cross cables/masts underneath the tent. Clearspans can be staked or weighted, too. These tents are typically used at large corporate events, fundraisers, and weddings. Large festivals typically use these as merch tents, bars, and serving areas for food and seating. Clearspans come in 20’x, 30’x, and 40’x profiles, and the best part is — they can increase by increments of 10 feet. You can also substitute our solid roof panels for clear ones to let in the sun, or see the stars! They are a slightly more expensive option, but clearspans are perfect if you are looking for a tent with plenty of space!

Large structure tent with market lighting setup for an outdoor music festival

Structure Tents

Now for the big guns! Our structure tents can range in sizes from 66’x50’ to 82’x213’ and beyond. Structure tents are perfect for holding concerts, and large banquets with 500 plus people, and can even hold frame tents beneath them. A lot of times clients will call and ask for our largest tent size not realizing the scope of what is possible in the tenting universe. Structure tents can take days to install, and they require flat, level ground for installation.

FLEXX: Your Trusted Provider of Tent Rentals in Colorado & Wyoming

As you can see, for nearly every event, FLEXX has you covered! We strive to pair each event with a tent best suited for the occasion, while always wanting to educate our clients on what they have to choose from. We hope this functions as a helpful guide the next time you call to book your tent! Contact us with any questions you have or to book your next party tent rental with FLEXX!