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Tidewater tent rental set up for an outdoor wedding under a beautiful blue sky

How to Choose the Right Tent Rental for Your Event

Throwing an outdoor event is an amazing way to enjoy the great outdoors while celebrating something special. Whether it’s a wedding, festival, or corporate event, renting a tent can provide a beautiful and functional space to host your guests. But with so many sizes and styles available, how do you choose what’s right for your event? At FLEXX Productions, we’re dedicated to making your event planning as smooth as possible. In this blog, we’ll guide you through some important points to consider in your search for the perfect tent rental with FLEXX. Read on to learn more!

Clearspan tent, lanterns, banquet tables, and natural wood padded chairs set up for an outdoor event

What would I like underneath the tent?

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a tent rental is what you’ll be putting underneath it. It’s important to think about what activities will be taking place. Do you need room for a stage or a dance floor? Will there be a bar, guest seating, a buffet, or a lounge area? Knowing what you’d like underneath the tent will help determine the size you need.

Open-wall clearspan tent with concrete weight covers set up for an outdoor event

Can the tent be staked or weighted?

The next thing to consider is the location and where the tent will be placed. Can it be staked into the ground, or will it require weights to hold it down? If staking is an option, FLEXX can call in public locates for undergrounds, but clients need to mark private lines like sprinklers in advance. If weighting is the only option, let us know so we can guide you to the correct tent style. Pole and tidewater tents are tension-based tents and they only have the ability to be staked. Our frame and clearspan tents, however, offer both anchoring solutions!

Large structure tent with blue and gold Procolor uplighting over tables and a stage

Do I want lighting inside the tent?

Lighting is an important consideration when renting a tent. Having the right amount of decorative or functional lighting can create the perfect ambiance for your event. Whether you want market string lights, chandeliers, or uplighting to highlight certain areas, FLEXX can help you choose the right lighting to suit your needs and budget.

40x30 open-gable structure tent and rustic wood chairs set up for a wedding with mountains and a sunset in the background

Do I want a tent with walls?

Next, you’ll want to determine whether you want walls for your rented tent. Would you like windows included to take in all the amazing views, or would a solid wall be more suitable for privacy? Window walls are great for letting natural light into your event space, but keep in mind that natural light may flood out a projection screen or TV during the day.

One thing to consider is that all wall tents can be open if desired in nice weather. Or if you prefer an open space where people can walk in and out freely, go without walls! With that in mind, FLEXX offers an array of tent styles, and we can help you choose the best option for your event! Check out our clearspan structure tents, which are customizable and offer open-end gable solutions or clear tops. Going for more of a festival look? A tidewater tent, high peak frame tent, or pole tent might be the best choice aesthetically.

20x20 staked frame tents with heaters and market string lights at an outdoor riverside event

Do I need climate control?

The final consideration is climate control. Depending on the weather and time of year, you may require heating or cooling fans to ensure your guests are comfortable. It’s important to consider this as part of your tent rental, and FLEXX can provide the necessary equipment to keep your guests comfortable — regardless of the season!

Ready to Find the Perfect Tent Rental for Your Event?

Renting a tent is an excellent way to host an outdoor event but knowing your needs is key to selecting the right one. By considering what you’d like under the tent, the location of the tent, lighting, walls, and climate control, you’ll be better equipped to select the right rental. 

Once we provide a quote for your selected tent size, FLEXX Productions is always happy to conduct a site check to ensure the tent fits appropriately, the site is accessible, and any other potential issues are addressed. Be sure to check out our entire selection of tent rentals to see the different styles, sizes, and layouts to find what works best for your event. Give us a call to connect with one of our event specialists to discover how we can help you along in the process!