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Drapes and a chandelier accent in a wedding tent

How to Glamorize Your Wedding Tent

A backyard wedding is a great alternative to a wedding venue. This is especially true for Northern Colorado where some backyard views provide a breathtaking backdrop. However, just because it is a backyard wedding, doesn’t mean it can’t be the most glamorous event of the year. At FLEXX Productions, we have various rental options to upgrade your wedding tent

From captivating lighting to luxurious flooring, a wedding tent can be just as elegant as a wedding venue. Below are four wedding rental items that will transform your wedding tent. Keep reading to learn more, and connect with one of our Event Specialists to get started!


What is more lavish than a chandelier? Our chrome acrylic chandelier fits in all our tent styles and will elevate your tent lighting to the next level. Our chandeliers cast off quite a bit of light, serving both functional and decorative purposes. 

Our favorite location to hang our chandeliers is over the dance floor. When you step onto the dance floor for your first dance, make sure it is a moment no one will forget with a glitzy chandelier. Our chandeliers will certainly make your wedding tent sparkle! 

Explore our lighting rentals or give us a call to learn more about your options.

Market string lighting elements on a tidewater wedding tent

Market String Lights

Speaking of lighting, our decorative lighting package with market string lights is an excellent tent lighting solution, while also providing a captivating decorative element. As with our chandeliers, our market string lights can be hung in all our tent styles. 

Impress your guests with market string lights for your outdoor cocktail hour. Our neutral bases blend perfectly into the background, making the market string lights twinkle after the sun sets. 

Want to see how stunning our market string lights look? Check out our gallery!

Temporary flooring installed underneath an event tent

Flooring & Carpet

Whether there’s dirt or grass underneath your tent, your beautiful wedding dress is sure to get a little dirty from walking or dancing on the natural surface. At FLEXX Productions, we have an option that will truly elevate your tent to the next level — flooring and carpet. You heard that right! We can lay different flooring options over any surface underneath the tent. 

There are so many benefits when it comes to temporary flooring. One benefit is that flooring helps level the ground, making it more solid for you and your guests to walk on. Trust us, your heel-wearing guests will thank you! Additionally, we can lay carpet down to make your wedding tent feel like you are in a luxurious venue right in your own backyard. What’s more, if you prefer the natural feel but don’t want to ruin your lawn or your backyard grass looks a little brown, we can lay green astroturf for the perfect touch of vibrancy. 

Are you interested in our flooring and carpet options? Speak to an Event Specialist to learn more!

Market string lighting displayed in a wedding tent with a clear aspe end

Clear Aspe End

A clear aspe end is our favorite feature to add to our 40-foot wide Clearspan Tents.  Our clear aspe end is a curved section that can be added to the end of a 40-foot Clearspan tent. The clear roof panels allow for natural lighting or a perfect view of the night sky above. Many wedding couples prefer to place their dance floor beneath this tent section so their guests can dance beneath the stars while being protected from the elements. 

Are you interested in learning more about our clear aspe ends? Give our Event Specialists team a call today!

Let Us Help Bring Your Vision to Life!

We love wedding venues, but a backyard wedding makes for a perfect location. Our wedding tents can turn your backyard into a beautiful wedding reception area, regardless of the size of your space. With our various tent options, we can turn an already exquisite wedding tent into a glamorous affair that is unique to your vision and budget. 

If you would like to learn more about our wedding tents and party rentals, our dedicated Event Specialist team is here to answer any questions about how to glamorize your wedding tent. Connect with us today!