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Various event tent rentals set up at the WinterWondergrass Festival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

How to Prepare Your Event Tent for Bad Weather

Are you planning an outdoor event? Whether it’s a wedding, festival, or corporate gathering, outdoor events can be stunning, but they can also be subject to the whims of nature. That’s why it’s essential to have a plan in place for bad weather. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some tips on how to prepare your event tent rental for inclement weather, regardless of the season.

Different size event tents with walls set up in a snowy location

Know How to Prepare for Sustained Wind Conditions

Wind can be a particularly troublesome weather condition for outdoor events. Living in Northern Colorado or Wyoming means we must frequently contend with high winds year-round, but especially during winter and spring, that can come out of nowhere. When sustained winds are over 10mph, it’s essential to open all walls to reduce the resistance against the tent. This will help prevent damage caused by the wind. If the winds are over 15mph, we recommend evacuating the tent. Safety is always our top priority, and no event is ever worth anyone getting hurt. All of our wall options on tents have the ability to be opened or closed as needed.

Rent an Event Tent With Walls and Heating in Winter

Winter is a beautiful season, but it can also pose a significant threat to your outdoor event. Heavy snow and ice can cause damage to your tent, and freezing temperatures can make your guests uncomfortable or unwilling to stay.

This is why during winter months especially, it’s essential to rent an event tent with sidewalls and add a heating package to keep it well insulated. Installing sidewalls can protect you and your guests from snow and wind gusts. With our heating package, you can increase your tent’s temperature to approximately 30° Fahrenheit, which will not only help prevent snow from accumulating on the canvas, but will also keep you and your guests more comfortable.

A man offloading snow from an event tent using a snow rake

Offload Water/Snow from Your Event Tent

During rainy or snowy weather, it’s essential to offload water/snow from your tent that accumulates over an inch. This will help prevent damage to the tent or a potential collapse. At FLEXX, we’re happy to provide you with snow rakes to offload accumulation from the tent exterior. With that said, never use anything pointy or sharp to push on the canvas from below as this could puncture the canvas under the weight strain. Instead, use a push broom or something with a large area to do so. Lastly, keep your tent heated at 50° Fahrenheit in snow. This helps the snow begin to melt on top of the canvas and is easier to slide off/remove.

Avoid Renting Clear or Window Walls in Cold Weather

Clear or window walls are a popular option for outdoor event tents, as they let in the surrounding views, warm sunshine, or twinkling night sky; however, they are not suitable for cold weather, as they can crack in low temperatures. Moreover, they are not covered under our damage waiver if chosen to use. Solid walls are recommended for winter months, which still provide a beautiful space for you and your guests to enjoy. Consider decorating the interior of the tent with ProColor par lights, colored linens, market string lights, and other decor that add the perfect touch of aesthetics to your event.

A large staked party tent set up for an outdoor event at sunset

Staking Always Preferred Over Weighting

Staking is always preferred over weighting for event tents. The reason is, stakes go directly into the ground, providing a secure anchor and stable foundation for the tent. The stakes can hold in place against winds as well as other challenging weather conditions. We always recommend staking whenever possible. However, if you’re unsure if your chosen location can be staked, our team is happy to conduct a site check to help you select the safest option.

Partner With FLEXX for Your Event Tent Rental

By following these five tips, you can be well prepared to handle any inclement weather that comes your way. At FLEXX Productions, our top priority is keeping you and your guests safe, comfortable, and satisfied. That’s why we are happy to conduct a site check to ensure your tent looks great, fits your space, and stands secure, as well as provide expert guidance on how to plan for inclement weather. Additionally, our team offers 24/7 on-call emergency service should you need our assistance in the case of a serious situation caused by inclement weather. 

With FLEXX, you can have a stress-free event, knowing that you’ve prepared for the worst but can focus on the best possible experience for your guests. Contact us today to explore the best event tent rentals in Northern Colorado and Wyoming!