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Are you thinking about how to propose to your partner? Read on to hear our top tips on how to propose in a way that is unique to you two.

Tip #1: Get Sentimental
Nostalgia is your best friend when it comes to proposing. Take a walk down memory lane and think of your favorite times spent together. Whether that was a vacation, a night out, or an evening in. Use this memory as inspiration to either recreate it or take a spin on it! This is an opportunity to incorporate a special part of your love story into one of the most extraordinary moments in your lives.

Tip #2: Have an Activity Planned
As this is a significant occasion, you want to have some sort of plan to show the importance of it and thought put into it. At the same time, having something planned out will help lessen any nerves leading up to the question. If you’re doing something you both already enjoy, you’ll already be having fun. And, it may distract from the surprise headed your partner’s way next.

Tip #3: Hire a Photographer/Videographer
Hire a professional to capture the reaction and excitement! Nothing beats these photos showing pure surprise, and it will be a wonderful keepsake that will bring you two right back to this day. If you don’t want to add this to your list of many wedding expenses to come, ask a family member or friend to hide out and snap the shots when the moment comes!

Tip #4: Enlist Family and Friends to Help!
If the nerves are getting to you, rope in your family and friends to help pop the question! Knowing that you have their support will ease the moments leading up to it. This is also a special way of uniting your families even before the wedding, and everyone is there to help celebrate directly after, too!

Tip #5: Take It Old School
Worried about making it unique and creative? Well, you don’t have to. When in doubt, let traditions guide you. You can never go wrong with a romantic dinner and a walk in the park, a hike to a picnic spot, or with a trip to a fun destination.