FLEXX Productions

We are major fans of fall colors, and we’re glad to see them back in action! The earthy color palette is cozy and comforting. There is actually science behind why we “fall” in love with this season. It starts when we are young, as this time of year is unconsciously associated with happy memories, including the excitement of going back to school, getting new clothes and supplies, and seeing your friends every day again. We still respond to this pattern, even once out of school.

Moreover, many things about autumn illicit warm feelings, such as sweaters, scarves, hot drinks, fireplaces, blankets, fall baking, and more. The lower temperatures also offer a release after long, hot summers without being too cold.

Well, the little bit of chill in the air gets us in the mood to host in-home dinner events, too!

Here are some tips to host your next cozy dinner event!

  1. Offer a Tour
    People love to see what you’ve done or are currently doing, especially if they are new to your home. After inviting your guests in and offering them something warm to sip on (think: spiked apple cider or something pear inspired), show them around your house. After all, it took time to clean up and make everything presentable! Why not show it off?
  2. Set Up an Area for the Kids
    Create a little space for the little ones so they are occupied and have something fun to do! This could be something as simple as putting toys out, coloring books, or even a little craft such as coloring on pumpkins. Bonus, then the kids won’t be a nuisance to the adults catching up.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Extend the Party Outside!
    We offer patio heaters that run on propane and are perfect for warming up outdoor spaces.


Who said you can’t still play corn hole this time of year while the cooking wraps

up? The kids can also enjoy playing in the leaves (which will help tucker them out!). Set out some plaid blankets and candles for extra coziness and ambiance!

  1. Lighting and Decor
    Don’t forget to light those fall scented candles – everyone’s favorite! Create simple centerpieces with items that pull the outdoors inside, such as pumpkins, acorns, gourds, sunflowers, pinecones, and leaves. Rent some of our linens to dress up your dining room table and match your theme! We have 3 different fabric collections that offer many fall tones, such as Burnt Orange, Satin Wheat, or Crush Copper.
  2. Gift Favors
    This one is totally optional, but a totally cute touch to thank your guests for coming over to celebrate harvest season. Our go-to fall thank you gift? Caramel apples.

We hope you got some inspiration from these quick tips, and can’t wait to help you plan your fall dinner! Happy Fall!