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Wedding rentals including dark linen, china, flatware, and glassware placed on a table decorated with different flowers

Trending Wedding Palettes We Can Expect for 2023

So far this year, the event industry has been taking note of how couples have begun to use weddings as an opportunity to express their personal and distinct love for one another, instead of following traditional themes of weddings past. However, while couples definitely add personal touches, establishing a color palette serves as a key foundation for creating a celebration specific to you. Keep reading to explore this year’s trending wedding palettes, and see what FLEXX offers to get you started on building your perfect palette, as well as some wedding rental products that will enhance your theme even further!

Top Wedding Palettes You’ll Love This Year

Wedding tent with chandelier, white ceiling drapery, and tables decorated in white and red linens in an old Hollywood style

Urban Chic Meets Old Hollywood 

Color Palette: Black, white, champagne, gold, pops of red, silver

If a luxurious vintage vibe is more your style, an Old Hollywood glam meets urban chic wedding might be perfect for you. Black and white linens can make any seating area look polished, and make accented items pop even more. Try adding sashes or runners, especially one of our satin or crushed satin options, for a layered, textured look. 

Achieving a sophisticated look is all about the details, and since the dining experience is paramount to an Old Hollywood event, enhance your place setting with gold or silver chargers. 

Finally, champagne towers are looking more and more reminiscent of the pre-Prohibition Era with the use of coupe glasses. Since these exact glasses can be tough to track down, substitute them for our margarita glasses — they’re nearly identical!

Table decorated in a jewel tone wedding palette with dark linens, gold place settings and flatware, and a floral centerpiece

Bold Jewel-Tone Wedding Palette

Color Palette: Pacifica, eggplant, gold, raspberry, ocean

Wonderful for a fall wedding, or any time of year, the moody, jewel-tone wedding palette is sure to entrance and captivate your guests. Bright, bold colors complemented against dark shades, serve to deepen the atmosphere. Try pairing our eggplant linens with raspberry and turquoise napkins, and don’t forget gold flatware to elevate the romance. Jewel-tone weddings can often have a hint of melancholy and mystery, so hang some of our market string lights and try out our mahogany chiavari chairs to make your venue intimate and original.

Wedding reception in a botanic garden structure with a natural linen-lined buffet table

Earth Tones Wedding Palette

Color Palette: Terracotta, copper, celadon, burnt orange, champagne

We often hear about the importance of sustainability nowadays, and weddings are no exception! Plenty of couples are taking a minimalist route to make their wedding as green as can be, and they want a color palette to reflect that. Our terracotta, celadon, copper, and khaki linens will make your space feel calm and earthy. If you really want to lean into the natural elements, check out our napa wood tables and benches!

Tables decorated with pink table linens, gold plates, flatware, glassware, and floral centerpieces

Barbie-core Wedding Palette

Color Palette: magenta, hot pink, crushed satin in blush pink

With the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of the Barbie movie, pink is high on the list of the most popular summer wedding colors of 2023! For couples looking to go over the top with bright magentas, pinks, and sparkles, FLEXX has the perfect linens for you. Throw a hot pink linen on a cocktail table and tie a blush pink crushed satin sash in a big bow around the legs for some extra drama. “Barbie-core” is all about bringing the party, and making your wedding bash fun and exciting.

No matter what style speaks to you, we want to help make your wedding a personal expression of the love being celebrated. FLEXX Productions has a wide selection of wedding and party rentals from glassware to linens that will make your Old Hollywood winter wedding luxe and sophisticated, and your summer Barbie-core bash bright and sparkly. We hope you think of us when you plan your special day! Give us a call or start creating your wishlist to get started today!