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View from a stage with lighting of tent and event rentals set up in the mountains for an outdoor event

What It’s Really Like Working in the Event Rentals Industry

When you think about events, what comes to mind? Is it the contagious excitement in the stands of a football game? Is it the sense of community at a non-profit fundraiser? Maybe it’s just a chance to relax with friends at a backyard barbecue. Whatever it is, FLEXX Productions and event companies alike are the ones behind it.

Events are so much more than just taking calls, signing contracts, and setting up event rentals on location. Most event rental companies and event planners would all agree that the bulk of our duties are interpersonal communication, and working together with clients to collaborate on the creation of magical experiences and memories that can last a lifetime. Keep reading to get an inside look at what it’s like to work in the event industry!

Newlyweds walking down the aisle with their daughter at a mountainside outdoor wedding

You Make Lifelong Relationships

One of the beauties of working in the event industry is being able to count on clients, and for them to count on us. Building strong relationships is not by coincidence, but it happens naturally when both parties share a common goal — and understand the importance of their roles in achieving it. When an event is successful, it establishes a sense of trust between the client and the event planner, making it a pleasure to work together again and again!

Market string lights, frame tents, and other event rentals set up at a large outdoor wedding

You Get to the See Results of Your Hard Work

Like any other industry, the event rentals industry can be stressful at times. However, what sets eventing apart from others is that we get to see the end result of all the work we’ve done. Seeing people smiling and enjoying themselves at the events that you made happen is an extremely rewarding experience. The start of a project isn’t always the easiest, but it ends up being worth it when you can actually see the final result — and more importantly, when you see how much the experience meant to the client and their guests.

Table and chair event rentals set up at an air show with the Blue Angels in the background

You Get to Experience Something New Every Day

Let’s face it, a mundane routine can be grueling. But in the event industry, you get to experience something new every day, which is just one of the reasons why people enjoy working in this industry. No two events are the same, and no two clients share the same vision. Venues can range from the top of a mountain to the main street of a city. So no matter what,  you can expect variety and new opportunities to learn and grow. Collaborating with different clients is always a chance to test your own range of creativity and problem-solving skills, which makes coming to work exciting and surprising, and you never know what event might come next!

People sitting under tents at a Cinco de Mayo outdoor festival in Old Town Fort Collins

You Become Part of a Wider Community

FLEXX is honored to provide event rentals for all types of occasions that enrich our local community. We plan fundraising events, charities, university sporting events, festivals, and plenty of others. Seeing the community come together to be part of something bigger than ourselves creates a bond among people who may not have crossed paths otherwise. Being able to see people rally around a cause or a common passion is a powerful thing, and it adds an incredible amount of meaning to the work we do. We not only care about the success of an event, but we also care about the message and meaning behind an event.

The Passion Behind Our Purpose 

The hard work we do at an event rental and planning company comes with countless benefits. Connecting and collaborating with clients, team members, and attendees shapes the way we approach every event. This industry requires a lot of face-to-face interaction, which makes it easy to connect on a personal level with our clients who quickly become familiar faces you enjoy working with. Seeing each project come full circle, and having involvement in a multitude of experiences, is why we do what we do. It’s not easy every step of the way, but the final outcome is what always makes us eager and excited to start a new event.

To learn more about the passion behind our purpose, learn more about us, and feel free to connect with us online or call us to schedule a tour of our showroom to meet our team and see us in action! You can also take a peek at our gallery to see some of our favorite events!