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1. Popcorn Bar
An interactive popcorn bar allows your guests to customize their own bags of popcorn. Offering various seasonings, as well as peanuts and candy to add to the mix, this food bar allows each guest to personalize their party favor to cater to their own personal popcorn palette.

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2. Baked Potato Bar
A baked potato bar is a simple and fairly inexpensive way to feed a large number of people. Offer baked russet and sweet potatoes with a wide variety of toppings including melted butter, sour cream, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, tomatoes, and shallots.

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3. Hot Chocolate Bar
Warm up a chilly winter event with a cozy hot chocolate bar. Present several types of hot cocoa, warm milk, whipped cream, marshmallows, and homemade biscotti and let your guests creativity run wild.

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