FLEXX Productions

If you’re like me, you attend lots of events…Ballroom at a local hotel, catered food, table numbers, blah, blah. No sort of decor. You know you’re in a hotel ballroom. If you’re planning a corporate event – perhaps a speaking engagement, a state of the community, a grand opening or a corporate fundraiser – Consider doing something different! How about getting a tent – set it up right outside your business so your customers can be right at your place, but also have something fun set up inside a tent? Or have it in a ballroom, but do something fun so your guests feel like they’veĀ “teleported” into your world – and forget they’re in a ballroom! Set up partions to section off the ballrom and add decor to them. Bring in some fun lighting into a tent so it’s not so boring. Add some creative floral pieces to the stage. Be creative and have fun – your guests will thank you.