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A good breakfast meeting can be productive and motivating. But they take planning like any good meeting.  Here are a few quick tips that can help.

Send out an agenda. This helps people prepare for the meeting and gives them confidence that work will be done.

Have coffee and breakfast before the meeting starts.  This gives people a chance to say hello, catch up and get comfortable.  It also gives added incentive to attendees to get there before the official meeting begins.

Make the food worthwhile.  You are asking people to start the day early and you are promising them breakfast. Doughnuts are delicious but they can’t be your only option.  Offer a wide variety, so you can please the sweet-tooth and the low-carb diet.

Set a firm start time for the meeting and stick to it.  Nothing disrupts meetings like late arrivals. Don’t wait around for everyone to arrive. Start on time. After one or two meetings people will understand you are serious and get there on time.

End the meeting on time.  Everyone has a busy day planned and overly long meetings are simply inconsiderate. Start on time, stick to the agenda and end on time. People will appreciate your punctuality and focus.