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All chairs are not created equal!

There are so many different kinds of chairs…made in different ways, with different fabric, different colors. Should you spend some of your event budget on the kind of chair your guests will sit it – Our answer, yes in some cases and no in others.

The photo below was taken at a beautiful outdoor wedding. The scenery was very much most of the decor – If we would have brought in ugly, beat up, maroon chairs, it would have ruined the entire setting of the ceremony.

Yes, people JUST sit in chairs, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them, but chairs really can enhance or takeaway from the room.

The photo below shows a gorgeous outdoor reception – The red linens were added as a tie to the backs of the chairs – Great idea!

The photo below is of a wedding reception held inside – These chairs have an ivory cushion that is more comfortable for guests to sit for hours during dinner, cake, dancing, etc. compared to the white, plastic chairs in the above photos.

Finally, let’s chat about chairs typically seen in any hotel ballroom – More times than not, they are UGLY! Instead of renting new chairs, you can change the entire dynamic of the room, in a positive way, by just adding chair covers. Covers and tie-backs can match your color scheme, and personal style.

A chair is a chair is a chair – I beg to differ!