FLEXX Productions

I am sure you’ve seen various new “bars” popping up at events – Mashed potato bar, Mac-N-Cheese bar, dessert bars… They are fun! What makes them even more fun, and unique, is adding some fun glassware into the mix!

Just by adding different shaped glassware into your catering tables really adds some JAZZ! Square vases for dips, a giant margarita glass for chips and a huge martini glass for other dips makes the table so much more fun compared to the usual round bowls. Below is a picture of a fun Mac-N-Cheese bar, with all the condiments placed in martini glasses:

Now here is a fun Mashed Potato Bar – This makes me hungry! I love how all the side items are in different sized and shaped glassware – This makes the table look so much more fun! I also love how they put a floating candle on top water in a tall vase to add light to the table.

Finally, I wanted to show this photo – Instead of using a boring ole’ ice bucket, put some ice into a giant martini glass. You might have to refill this a few times, but it’s worth the look!