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Whether it’s a wedding, a fundraising event or a corporate holiday party, chances are there will be a centerpiece on the table. Flowers can get expensive, so here are some new ideas for centerpieces!

The above photo was found on Martha Stewart Weddings, and I love it not only for the look, but how you can use these balloon centerpieces. For a wedding, the balloons can provide height to the room, especially if the cielings are super high. For a nonprofit fundraiser, you could insert a raffle ticket into each balloon and at the end of the event, tell the attendees to pop the balloon (with a needle, so it’s not loud!) to see if they won the raffle. Below shows flowers inside a paper bag, tied with ribbon as the centerpiece. This is perfect if you intend to give the centerpieces away to attendees as a gift, or perhaps sell them in the Auction to raise even more money for your charity event.

Tying a ribbon with a “Thank You for Attending” message is yet another way to use that centerpiece as a marketing avenue to your corporate sponsors. And finally, utilizing some sort of plant in a larger piece of glassware is always a beautiful centerpiece.

This is a great way to take up more room at the table! I love this idea for a charity fundraiser; contact a local nursery to see if they will donate the plants, then you’d have a beautiful yet inexpensive centerpiece!