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Have you ever heard of a BBQ sauce fountain?! Yep, that is right! We are seeing caterers get more creative with the fountain idea – After all, a chocolate fountain is so last year!

Earlier this summer, we had a wedding that included a BBQ sauce fountain – And to dip in it, skewers of meat, chicken nuggets, meatballsĀ and various other things -The only drawback to this was a few people thought it was a chocolate fountain and dipped a strawberry in it! BBQ and strawberries…Not so sure we like that combination!

A few other fun ideas for fountains: -Nacho cheese – You canĀ dip chips, bread sticks, veggies, meat -Ranch dressing – Veggies and meat are great dippers! Actually, isn’t everything better with Ranch on it?! -Caramel – Thinking of a caramel fountain just makes my mouth water! You can dip apples, other fruit, brownies, cookies… The list is really endless! -Maple syrup – Wouldn’t this be a fun twist for dessert?! -Fountain of drinks – Champagne is fantastic in a fountain – We also love margaritas flowing from fountains!

Chocolate fountains are still a fun addition to any wedding or event – Instead of just plain milk chocolate, add some flavoring like mint, raspberry liquor, orange liquor or even coffee to jazz it up some! You can also try dark or white chocolate – Here’s a fun idea for white chocolate: color it! Then your fountain can be part of your decor. Just make sure you don’t use too much food coloring and thin it out with Crisco

I went to an event last month that was themed for Breast Cancer Awareness, so everything was light pink – Even the chocolate. But…there must have been too much food coloring because the chocolate wouldn’t flow from the fountain – Guests ended up having to scoop out the thick chocolate with spoons! Happy Fountain Dreams!