FLEXX Productions

36508_10151253901089023_1514457752_nWho said you can’t experience Napa Valley in Northern Colorado? Known for its fine wine, gourmet dining, and breathtaking landscape, Napa Valley has been an ideal vacation spot to escape the stress of everyday life. During fall and spring seasons, people from all around the nation flock to see the amazing colors and fill their senses with not only the sweet, dry fermented grapes, but also the unforgettable scenery.

Inspired by this beauty, the Napa table is becoming a very popular piece to recreate this desired atmosphere at events. Its rustic feel can inspire many different themes of tables that are charming, homey, and inviting. Here at FLEXX Productions, we have used our rental Napa table as the base for our fall themed Smore’s candy bar. This vintage look accompanied with the branch sterno centerpiece is a creative way to bring the outdoors in.

The best aspect of this rental piece, however, is its versatility in use. It can be taken wherever your creativity would like to go. Using wildflowers and pops of color, this table can easily be transformed to pull your guests into the countryside. Other than a dining table, the Napa rental item is perfect to use as a gift table, guestbook table, cake table, lemonade stand, or even a dessert table. The natural appeal the Napa table brings can serve as an amazing foundation for any inspiration you may have for your next event.