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One of the latest trends in event design, as well as our newest obsession at Flexx, is square tables and believe that this photo explains why!  Since a 5′ round is the most commonly used table at social gatherings, the square design offers a refreshing twist not only to the event world in general, but also to guests who are used to seeing round tables in settings like these.  In addition to it being aesthetically appealing, a square table is just as practical as a round; it seats 8 people comfortably and allows all guest to visually see one another, thus, encouraging conversation.  In our book, all of those ideas get a CHECK PLUS!

As far as table elements go, we find the square plates to be a great repetition of shapes; however we are curious — what would a circular plate look like?  Perhaps it would be the perfect contrast?  Something else we are questioning is the centerpiece.  Though we think it is beautiful and love the way the yellow is tied in with each guest’s individual flower, is it too big?  Or more so, will guests find it hard to see the person diagonal to them?  If so, will it discourage the overall communication at the table?  It is a subject to ponder and on that note, we would like to turn it to you!  Give us some feedback!

Photo credit:

Alex Rodriguez Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog/2010/08/11/modern-miami-wedding-alfred-i-dupont-building/