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There’s no question that your wedding save the date and invitation can (and usually do) really set the tone for the whole occasion. While most couples will traditionally go with something relevant to their color scheme, it can be fun and exciting to mix things up! To help give you some creative ideas for injecting a little fun into your invitations, we’ve put together a list of unique and out-of-the box wedding invitation ideas:

  • Personalized Palette – Are you and your fiancé foodies? Set the tone (and table) for food-centric festivities with an invitation that features a spoon, fork pint glass or some sort of useful kitchenware. Consider engraving your initials & the date of the wedding so your guests already have something to remember the good times by!
  • Memorable Map – If you and your fiancé have a strong history in the town, city or even state you’re planning on getting married in, consider including a map that showcases all your favorite and most memorable spots. Place a star where you first met, your first date, the proposal spot and of course – the wedding site!
  • Air Affair – Get your guests excited for your destination wedding by printing your invitation and event details on faux boarding passes! Consider including your itinerary, a weather forecast, local attractions and even a sample menu to really get your guests prepared and eager to set sail for your matrimonial affair.

Photo Credit: Real Simple


  • Surprise Materials – Can you imagine a handkerchief invitation that doubles as a pocket square? Now that is memorable. Consider including a custom illustrated map of your wedding location, a photo of the happy couple or even just an image that ties in with your overall theme.
  • Natural Habitat – If you’re outdoorsy and you’re hoping your wedding reflects that, consider playing up the outdoor setting with ‘organic’ touches. Include dried flowers, gold leafs, or paper that resembles tree bark for your invitation. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Secret Mission – Do you and your fiancé love James Bond, or Archer? Celebrate your ‘bond’ by channeling your inner James Bond. Send your guests – or special agents – a top-secret file complete with details of the big day, your photos or fingerprints and a briefing of the weekend activities. Their mission: celebrate & have fun!

If you have any other creative ideas to add, feel free to let us know & we will add it to the list!