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In the grand scheme of event planning, table numbers are probably not the host’s number one concern.  Typically, as long as they are there, you’re guests are golden.  However, though they do not have the power to break an event, they do have potential to make it.  Sprucing up your table numbers can boost your decor, add to your theme and exceed your guest’s expectations.  Check out our favorite ways to group guests and get some inspiration!

Telling the Story of “Us”

Using the numbers as meaningful points in your relationship.  For example, 3: the number of kids we want; 7 the longest number of days we have gone without seeing each other.  This has Hallmark moments written all over it!

Wine Bottle Labels

Many times, hosts will put a bottle or two of red and white wine on each table for dinner — why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone?!

… At that age

How fun and precious!!  Your guests would enjoy seeing you at your cutest, best,… and worst!  Also, walking around to all of the tables would be a great distraction during cocktail hour — a time when some newlyweds enjoy taking pictures together!

Anniversary Advice

LOVE this! Here guests can leave the bride and groom advice and tips for a successful future.  Whether it be funny and/or meaningful, it serves as a great activity for the newlyweds to look forward to on each year they spend together.  Doing this could also be a fun alternative to signing a guestbook!


If you are looking for something more simple while still giving that extra touch, why not incorporate your table assignments and centerpieces?  With all of the china, flatware, glassware, wine bottles, etc., already being on the table, the area could stand to be a bit less busy.  Doing this puts a creative and subtle touch on the overall event design!  After all, less is more, right?

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