FLEXX Productions

Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser or a corporate event, why don’t you think about adding a theme to your event?

Let’s take a fundraiser – We have all been to the typical fundraising gala: Catered food, silent auction, band, speeches (that are too long). The end.

Add a theme to your event and you create a memorable time that your audience will WANT to come back next year! InsteadĀ of a boring silent auction, turn it into a gambling casino and the winners get prizes (the auction items). Or make it a grab bag auction, so your guests don’t know what they are getting.

Add some fun decor to your auction – You won’t believe how far some great decor and lighting will go. Add some spotlights to the high-ticket items…Wrap the items in some themed wrapping paper…Buy some little trinkets that you can put on display that further work your theme into your auction.

There are so many events out there…Make yours stand out!