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Weddings are times of celebration. When two people find each other, fall in love, and make the decision to spend the rest of their lives together, what’s not to celebrate? However, weddings can also be solemn occasions where moments of quiet are appreciated, especially during the actual wedding ceremony itself when the happy couple say their vows and are prayed over by their priest or pastor. There are also serious times during the reception as people are speaking about the bride and groom that requires everyone’s undivided attention and best behavior.

Now try telling this to your three-year old who just wants to touch the pretty flowers at the front of the church, or to your six-year old, who, along with his seven-year old cousin, is playing with rubber ducks in the cool fountain right next to the stage at the reception.

Weddings are fun, but they can most definitely be challenging for kids to attend. So what are some ways you can have a fantastic wedding but provide for the kiddos entertainment as well?

FLEXX Productions is an event rental company that serves Northern Colorado with the best party rentals, tent rentals, and more. From weddings to corporate events, our team stands ready to help you have a memorable, fun time no matter the occasion. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to make your wedding kid-friendly. Contact us today to get started!


Have a Kids-Only Table

Not too long ago, sitting at the kids’ table was not all that much fun. In fact, many kids hated it because it was a corner off to the side in a dark corner where kids were supposed to “be seen but not heard.” Luckily, things have changed in the 21st century, and kids are now recognized and appreciated for who they are as people.

One of the best ideas for entertaining the kids at your wedding is having one or more tables that are “Kids-Only,” meaning no adults allowed. Here, kids can have their own space to just be kids. You can stock this table with whatever you want, from games and treats to crayons, paint, and goodie-bags full of miniature games the kids can play. Plus, having something for them to do while they are enduring all of the long speeches and waiting for dinner to be served can be life-saving for both kids and parents alike. Shop our kids’ tables and chairs to add to your order. We even carry high chairs and booster seats

Bubble Station

FLEXX Productions has seen this multiple times at some of the events where our tent rentals were used here in Northern Colorado. In essence, you have a place set up with multiple wands of different sizes and shapes where the kids can blow bubbles until their hearts’ are content. Ideally, this will be set up outside since bubbles are essentially soap that can leave residue behind when they pop. Plus, kids being kids, odds are, some bubble containers may be spilled, which is easy in grass and not so easy on flooring.

Ceremony To-Dos

The ceremony is probably the one place where parents worry that their children will make a scene, such as little Bobby hitting Susie and the like. The important thing here is to keep their hands busy. Thus, one great idea that FLEXX Productions has seen is a ceremony activity sheet. Here, a miniature clipboard is handed out to children with at least one fun activity for them to do. For older kids, you could include a crossword puzzle. For the younger crowd, you could have crayons and a fun, wedding-related drawing they could color on. Even blank paper could be included to let the kids’ creative juices flow. If you want to go all out, you could include stickers, construction paper, ribbon, and other fun materials. 

No matter what you do, anything for the kids to occupy themselves during your ceremony will cut down on the risk of them interrupting the all-important vows, and, no offense to the cute kids,  stealing your thunder with their overwhelming cuteness. The last thing you want to be the highlight of your wedding is someone else’s cute two-or three-year-old running up the aisle and saying something or doing something utterly unpredictable that makes everyone laugh.

Provide Kid-Friendly Food

If you are planning a gourmet, five-course meal for your wedding reception with filet mignon, baked potatoes, salad, vegetables, different kinds of breads, and more, your guests will probably love you — all of them except the kids. The last thing you want at a wedding is for the kids to be hungry, because when kids are hungry, they are cranky, they whine, and eventually, they cry. Odds are, the kids won’t eat a lot of your five-course meal, so instead you’ll have to make kid-friendly food for them. Choose easy foods, such as mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, hot dogs, and spaghetti that is plain and simple. Cheese pizza is also a kids’ favorite that will go over well.

Go With the Pros

There is always the option of going all-out to entertain the kids at your wedding, especially if there will be a lot of them. FLEXX Productions in Northern Colorado has seen weddings with professional clowns who tie cool balloons and magicians who do cool magic tricks. You could even hire a princess for a day or a pony-riding party company to bring ponies to your wedding. Check your local area for other cool professional entertainers for kids in your area.


FLEXX Productions has been helping engaged couples plan the wedding of their dreams through the use of our party rental equipment. From supplying the huge tents to keep your guest out of the shade and/or rain to supplying the chairs, lighting, benches, decor, and so much more, our party rental company has everything you need to keep your guests comfortable and happy. In addition to helping you with your wedding by supplying the best wedding tent rentals and more, we also can help you with your event rentals for backyard gatherings, kids’ birthday parties, graduation parties, large corporate events, bar mitzvah, and so much more! No event is too large or too small. Call us today to see our availability and to get started!