FLEXX Productions

You’re planning an event and need audio. Why not go with your home system?

You’re proud of your home audio system, and with good reason: You did the research and made the investment to get a system that blows your hair back when you’re listening. Unfortunately, it’s not going to cut it when you transport it to an event. Here’s why:

Power: Filling even a large living room or home theater with sound is a much easier task than making an event hall or an outdoor setting sound good. Even if your setup has the muscle to make things happen, it’s going to be at the edge of its capabilities. That’s a recipe for blown speakers and expensive repairs if there ever was one.

Durability: Are your home speakers protected by a rigid grill? Pro grade audio is, preventing them from errant toes, elbows and other things perfect for puncturing your speaker cones.

Placement: Professional PA equipment mounts on a pole, getting speakers above people’s heads. This bird’s eye placement doesn’t just keep party-goers from spilling drinks on them: It offers better sound reproduction. People’s bodies are wonderful at dampening sound, and even a system that’s high on wattage is going to sound flat if it’s trying to cut through a hundred party-goers’ bodies.

Dispersion: One measure of speaker performance compares the angle at which it disperses sound. Essentially, the wider and farther a speaker effectively projects sound, the better. Your home speakers aren’t designed for the wide angles necessary for large areas and big crowds.

Your guests won’t miss out on toasts, speeches and music when you choose professional audio equipment such as FLEXX Productions’ Anchor sound system. We’re here to provide all your audio and video needs at your next event.