FLEXX Productions

Flexx can help with any type of event; Groundbreaking events included!

You might think a groundbreaking event is an “easy” thing to put on. There is actually a lot that goes into planning a Groundbreaking!

1. Tent – In case it rains, if it is too hot or cold, and to give a
centralized location for the event.

2. Tables/Chairs/Linens – Even if the event will only be 1 hour, people will still want to sit down. Linens would be needed for tables – This just gives a nicer impression to your guests.

3. Food – Some food and drink should be provided.

4. Guest list – It is very important that you invite media,
dignitaries, all the sub-contractors on the project, and anyone else who is involved with the project – Supporters, donors, Board of Directors, etc.

5. PR – Get the word out there about your event via a press release!