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Thanksgiving is next week, and we can’t wait! It is such a wonderful time of year to get together with loved ones and share a special, tasty meal. Though, it’s not always possible to get together with family – whether that is due to limited budget for travel costs, weather restrictions, or other circumstances. So, why not start a new tradition this year? Host a Friendsgiving dinner! FLEXX has all the ins and outs of throwing an awesome party, so keep on reading to get ideas of how to host Thanksgiving with your friends next week!

Organizing the Meal
As the host, it sort of goes unsaid that you’ll be the one making the turkey and gravy. That being said, it’s not expected that you’ll be the one cooking every side dish, too. Treat your Friendsgiving as any other meal with friends and turn it into a potluck! Ask each friend what dish they’d like to provide to make sure no one is doubling up. If a friend has any dietary restrictions, this is a great time to remind them to bring any substitutes they’d like. Even if you have a friend who doesn’t enjoy cooking, ask them to provide some appetizers, ice, and drink options.

Set the Scene
FLEXX offers a wide range of dinner rental options – feel free to give us a call today for ideas! Below is a set up in our showroom to give you some inspiration and a place to start. Make sure you have enough china and flatware for your place settings. Cloth napkins, a table linen, wine glasses, and water goblets will also class up your table for the special occasion. There really isn’t a color that we don’t provide in our linen lines, and some of the our most trending Thanksgiving colors include Burnt Orange, Terra Cotta, Copper, Hunter Green, Olive, and Gold. You can even enhance with a crush or satin fabric, or throw down a Burlap table runner for that added texture! Go a mile further and write up some fun place cards for each friend.

Still living with roommates and have a miss-match array of tables and chairs? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there, too. Our napa farm tables and wood x-back chairs give the perfect harvest look to any space. Most of our rentals can easily be picked up on your own, or we can deliver! Whatever works best with your schedule, we’ll get you taken care of.
FLEXX also has plenty of serving utensils and dishes including platters, large serving spoons, bowls, tongs, chaffers, and more
. It’s always a good idea to serve the turkey and sides in two separate dishes so your friends don’t have to pass things too far. And , just like restaurants, roll up your flatware in our cloth napkins to make it easy to grab while filling up plates if serving it buffet style! Finally, don’t forget to play some fun tunes and the atmosphere is ready for the best Friendsgiving dinner.

Coordinate the Cleanup
After the meal, definitely enjoy each other’s company and hang out for a while! However, don’t let your guests leave in a hurry without helping you with the mess. If everyone does one thing, you’ll have it all put away in no time. You also don’t even need to worry about returning rentals to us if you don’t want to – schedule the pickup with us and we will get the product out of your way so you can get ready to plan your next event… a holiday party, perhaps? 🙂

Happy Friendsgiving dinner from FLEXX!