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While planning for a big event, the time seems to fly by, so start planning early, and leave yourself open to be inspired. If you follow these few simple tips, you are sure to be inspired in no time.

1. Take pictures – Bring a camera everywhere you go, so you don’t miss a thing

2. Embrace nature – When you are walking outside pay attention to everything around you, and don’t forget to look up. If you let it, nature provides some of the best inspiration. Look outside your normal tunnel vision to find just what you are looking for. Who knows, maybe you will stumble upon the perfect color scheme!

3. Have a seat – Pick your favorite room in your house and just take in all in. The best place to find what you like is where you live! Take notes on what you see and use that to your advantage when planning your event.

4. Check out popular blogs – There are many blogs out there that can provide you with anything you are looking for regarding your event. They have blog post, look books, and inspiration boards to help you find just what you are looking for. Check out My DIY Wedding Day, Preston Bailey’s Blog, Style Me Pretty, and Wedding Gawker to get the creativity flowing.

5. Check out Pinterest.com – This site is flooded with inspiration, no matter what kind of event you are having. Pins are constantly being added, which provides you with infinite inspiration.

Hope this has helped you hit the ground running to get your event off on the right foot. Check our Pinterest page for other great ideas.

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