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If you or someone you know are getting married, you must check out this website — weddinggawker.com!  It’s a blog with a pinterest/flickr vibe and is just as addicting for a bride to be, especially since it is updated daily.  The site has an extensive list of bloggers and photographers that submit photos and share ideas involving anything and everything in the field of wedding planning.  It’s not just wedding day stuff either!  There are great tips, advice, guidelines, and photos on bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners and much more!!  Even better, if you want to get straight down to the good stuff- they have a daily, weekly, monthly, and all time most popular posts for visitors to browse through.  If you want to just explore, the site can do a random pull on all posts and to get all categories in the spectrum!!  Check it out and enjoy 🙂

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