FLEXX Productions

What we love about this table is that it screams AUTUMN and not just because of its obvious bright red, fiery orange, and light yellow color use.  We love it because of how the colors interact with the design to make the table pop from a basic white linen and china start to an all-around fall vibe!  For example, placing the different colored vases in a staggering row gives the table depth without taking away from the potential interaction of guests.  Also, does anyone else notice how the vases serve as both a centerpiece AND a runner (kill two birds with one stone)?!  Something worth recognizing in this design is the use of gold chivari chairs.  Gold chairs can be hard to match, and if not done correctly, can put an event over the top; however, we think they provided a great accent color to the table and tied theme in very well!  Lastly we move on to the pom-pom balls . . . how do you all out there feel?  Personally, we like them but think they could be raised slightly higher.  By being so low, there is no division between them and the table — something we believe is necessary when there is a lot going on.  What does everyone else think?  Yay or nay?  We love hearing your feedback!