FLEXX Productions

We attend so many events, we thought it’d be helpful to share our ideas on hosting a successful Awards Banquet

  1. Don’t overdo it. Don’t make the mistake of trying to make awards presentations more elaborate than they need to be. Make sure that winners remarks are kept short.  
  2. Timing is everything. Remember to run through the award presentations (with stand-ins for the award winners) at least once. Nothing takes as long as you think; you need to rehearse first. Carefully review the script for potential time-wasters.  
  3. Death to bad mikes and speakers. If the sound system doesn’t work well during your rehearsal, get a new one. A screeching mic will ruin your program, no matter what else goes on.  
  4. Use two presenters. Two many award ceremonies are ruined by having one presenter shuffle back and forth between speaking at the podium, and presenting the award to the winner. Use one presenter to describe the award, and another to actually hand it to the speaker.   
  5. Use support help. In addition to the presenters, you need people backstage to help the winners go on, and come off successfully. In particular, be sure you have help near any stairs that need to be used.   
  6. Limit number of speakers. Zzzzz.. That’s your audience snoring because there are simply too many award winners and too many speakers. Limit both, even if you must give some awards out at a “pre-event.”  
  7. Capture professional photos. Those hurried onstage snapshots with eyes half-closed and the head half-turned just won’t do, especially if they’re meant to ever end up in a newspaper or other form of publicity. Where appropriate, arrange for a professional photographer.