FLEXX Productions

If you’re using a microphone and public address system at your event, you clearly want your speakers to be heard. While having the equipment on hand is a great step, knowing how to set up and use the system is also essential for getting the best sound.

  • Sound Check: It’s not as rigorous as setting up a band’s live show, but your sound check’s the perfect time to make sure everything is functioning right, and that you won’t be blasting your audience’s ears with feedback as soon as the mike turns on.
  • Test Under Event Conditions: Perform your sound check in conditions as close to the live event as possible. Place speakers where they’ll be situated, and hold the microphone where the presenter will be. Moving a microphone in front of a speaker causes feedback, so be aware of placement of all hardware.
  • Know Your Switch: Nothing takes the wind out of the sails of a toast like getting halfway through and realizing the microphone isn’t on. Familiarize every speaker with on/off switches and other basics to ensure presentations go smoothly.
  • Learn Your Microphone: Every microphone is different, so learn how to hold yours in relation to your mouth to avoid “hot” and “cold” spots that cause loud and quiet transmissions.
  • Posture and Placement Are Key: Not only will you avoid looking like a shlub if you stand up straight, you’ll project better, giving your microphone a better sound to pick up. Similarly, don’t crowd the mike. Get too close, and you’ll overload the signal, causing clipping and distortion and capturing every breath.
  • Have a Sound Man Ready: Your sound man doesn’t need to be a professional audio engineer, just someone who can adjust volume during the event. Any number of issues can throw a hitch on the best-laid sound check, from extra people in the room to a quiet speaker. Be prepared!

Not sure how to use your sound system? The FLEXX team can lend a hand upon pickup or delivery.