FLEXX Productions

Garden party season may seem distant while you shovel your driveway during our Colorado March storms, but have faith: Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying nights on your patio with friends. Start planning now to make your springtime soiree a night to remember.

Standing Patio Heater: Don’t count on the weather to play into your plans. This is Colorado, after all. Fight off the cold and give guests a spot to warm up with a propane patio heater.

Beverage Troughs: Tossing a keg of beer into a garbage can filled with ice is a little, uh, frat party isn’t it? Do your style right with galvanized metal troughs. Available in sizes perfect for packing with ice and drinks to one large enough to chill three kegs, we have the perfect receptacle for your drinks.

Adult TricycleYour guests have spent a winter cooped up indoors. Give them the option to pedal about the back yard, and watch the photo opportunities roll in. Roll in pedaled on a gimongous blue tricycle, that is.

Lighting: Let’s not overlook the obvious: Have you installed lighting in your back yard? Don’t leave guests groping around in the dark. FLEXX Productions provides lighting solutions for any sized yard and gathering.

White Lattice Arch: Let all your guests make a grand entrance with our White Lattice Arch, a perfect entryway accessory that tells invitees they’re in for a great evening even before they set foot into your yard.

It’s nearly time to shake off the wintertime blues. Do it in style with a garden party from FLEXX Productions .