FLEXX Productions

If you are planning any event that involves vendors – whether it be a wedding, a corporate event, huge family reunion, nonprofit fundraiser – Is it really necessary to have a site walk-through with your vendors beforehand?

The answer: YES! Not only to ensure your event is organized come day-of, but more so to ensure your power needs are taken care of.

Picture this: You’re hosting a backyard fundraiser for a local nonprofit. You get a small caterer to come donate food needs as well as you’ve asked a few friends to tend the bar during the cocktail hour. The caterer plugs in heating stones and your bartender begins mixing up a margarita… All of a sudden the power goes down. Power needs must be calculated very precisely – You’d be surprised how much power you can draw (which is a good thing!) but you’d also be surprised when your vendors plug in and your power is maxed.

Ensure your power needs are considered beforehand and you’ll thank yourself later!