FLEXX Productions

Looking to knock the socks off of your guests? Possibly leave them speechless? Well, tent liners might just be the key in awe-ing your attendees. Draping from the walls, though can be done beautifully, is common and serves its purpose . . . or what most think its purpose is. However, draping from the ceiling?  Now THAT has the potential to add originality, depth, and that certain “spark” to make your party top notch!

How you ask?  Well, let’s take a beautiful wedding we did this past summer.   Hanging fabric from a center point that reaches to all tent angles allows guests to feel more included, whether they are on the dance floor, or enjoying a quiet conversation at a cocktail table in the corner.  This idea is a key factor in planning a party because not everyone attending knows one another and the last thing you want to do is make someone feel out of place!

Another way to jazz up a celebration is by lining the entire top of your venue with fabric!  In addition to it being a GORGEOUS look, tent liners open up the space to make it appear larger than it is.  They also can hide its boning and soften the overall structure.  So obviously, if you’re not sold on the overall look of a tent for your event, this can be a saving grace!

Photo credit: Megan Newton Photography