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Nothing says intimate and affordable more than a backyard event. This is what you can do to make it happen.

If you are holding a backyard event such as a birthday party, picnic, or wedding in the summer, and your space doesn’t provide natural shade rent a tent from Flexx. A tent is great for temporary shade to get your guests out of the Colorado heat.

Some backyards are tighter than others, so flow is key. Because people tend to gravitate towards bars and food, keep those away from the main traffic areas. Most people don’t have a problem locating the buffet in most party situations. If you are looking to create a dance floor, after dinner, move the tables for added space.

When it comes to decorating for your backyard event, use the foliage to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to hang decorations from trees, and add ornaments to the bushes. The yard is your blank canvas for you to make your own.

DON’T FORGET! Check out the local noise ordinances to see if you are required to have a permit before you party. Save yourself some money, and don’t forget this necessary step!

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