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It is still August, but we urge you to start thinking about your corporate holiday celebration. Begin with budget – Figure out how much you can spend and STICK to it! Even if times are tight, the holidays are the time of year when it is important to reward your employees with a celebration and enjoy the magic of the holidays! But, that is not to say you have to spend a small fortune to do so! Here are some ideas that can turn a “blah” holiday party into one that is fun and memorable – And without breaking your bank!

  • Party at a restaurant – Take the time to bring in some decor to turn your private room into a place that is a little more holiday-ish. Have the restaurant rent some holiday-colored linens for the tables. Go to the craft store (NOW!) – find what is on sale and make some fun centerpieces out of that. Let’s say you find some snowflake ornaments that are on sale – Turn those into place card holders and a gift for each employee
  • Party at your office – Rent some holiday-colored linens to cover the tables. Bring in a few Christmas trees, hang some lights and perhaps find some cheap crafts your can turn into a giveaway for your employees
  • Party at someones house – Same ideas as above – Turn the fireplace into a cozy “bar” and put some fake presents around it (just wrap an empty box with holiday paper!)

We found this cool picture of a holiday party – Expensive, I am sure! Take this idea (string lights, fake snow…) and put it toward your party on a small scale! Your holiday party, even on a budget, doesn’t have to be “blah!”