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One of our Facebook fans, Michael Kirkpatrick, asked us to blog about Tent Parties, so here it is!

Whether you are having a family gathering, birthday party or corporate event, hosting it outside under a tent in the summer is so much fun!

Children’s parties are great outside under a tent: It keeps the sun off their little faces, you can have a watch over all the food/gifts under the tent, but the kiddos can play in the park outside of the tent should they want to!

Now, if you are hosting a more formal gathering, such as a wedding,
Fundraiser or corporate event, you can often times cut costs if you have the event in a backyard under a tent versus at a hotel ballroom.

At a hotel, you most likely cannot bring in outside food or
beverage. If you hold an event outside under a tent, you can
bring in food/drink (perhaps even get it donated!) and anything else you want!

Next time you are planning an outside event, call us at Flexx to get a free quote!