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Outdoor Thanksgiving DinnerThe average temperature in Fort Collins on Thanksgiving is in the upper 40s or low 50s. Are you bold enough to try to take advantage of autumn’s last gasp and celebrate an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner? With proper planning – and a little cooperation from Mother Nature, of course – it’s easily within your reach. Construct a plan for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner outside by covering your bases.

Start by planning for the best possible experience for your guests. It gets dark – and cold – early in the evening at this time of year, so your outdoor feast should start as early as possible. Eating dinner at 7 p.m. probably isn’t feasible, but breaking bread at noon or one certainly is. Want to hedge your bets? Look for our variety of outdoor lighting and patio heaters  if you want to bring indoor amenities to your dinner.

As with any dinner, you’ll want to plan ahead and tackle as much in advance as possible. Going outdoors may require extra time to whip your patio or yard into shape, from raking leaves to arranging outdoor furniture. Prepare décor perfect for an al fresco setting with hints from Digs Digs or Country Living.

Getting food from the kitchen to the table is always a little tricky on Thanksgiving. It’s even more so when you celebrate outdoors. Don’t be bashful about asking guests to ferry a platter or two outside. It may be a little chillier than when you eat indoors, so keep food warm and tasty with a warming oven. Save trips to the refrigerator with a large, 150-quart ice chest.

Need an extra level of assurance your dinner will go off without a hitch? It’s time for a tent. Our frame tents can include walls or be open, canopy-only structures, and are available as small as 10×10’ foot enclosures.

Of course, this being Colorado, weather is unpredictable. Even the best laid outdoor Thanksgiving dinner plans may be squashed due to inclement weather. Tents and heaters can help guard against this, of course, but it always pays to have a Plan B handy for an emergency indoor dinner.