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Hmm . . . what to discuss first?  Maybe we should start by mentioning that we are aware that there is A LOT going on – A LOT, A LOT!!  So, with that being said, we also feel it’s important to address that this was designed for an artistic, not functional, purpose and can still offer great ideas on designing your next table (just maybe not all at once)!!

For instance, we can appreciate the whirlwind centerpieces from a creative standpoint because it makes the guest feel like they are walking into a gusty fall day, especially paired with the hanging leaves.  Unfortunately, this layout is not very practical, even for the most extravagant dinner parties.  But, if one wanted to convey this look, we think that removing the centerpieces and leaving the ceiling leaves could achieve a similar windy feel without overwhelming the individuals attending.

As for the bottom portion of the photo, we are going to go with the old advice of, “less is more.”  It is understandable that often people want to add variety to their event to get that “wow” factor, but it’s important to remember that variety and quantity are not the same thing.  In this photo, there are too many flower vases and would suggest picking one type and use only that.  Or, it might look nice to combine both, eliminate the green boxes, and add some nice foliage to the arrangement.  This would still achieve all fall colors while not overpowering the table.  Building on that same concept, unless that decorative green box has a present in it, it is not necessary for guests to have both that and a grape vine at their seat.  Eliminating one or interchanging the two with every other setting would be sufficient.

There can be TONS more said about this photo, so give us your thoughts!!

Photo credit: LotusHaus: Preston Bailey.  11/03/09.  https://www.flexxproductions.com/blog/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=544&message=10