FLEXX Productions

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to decorate your holiday table,  use ornaments!!  They are simple, spirited, and very affordable (especially if you make them yourself)!

Here, you can use use them as small table vases by putting the flowers and water in the hanging hole at top and cutting  another piece and gluing underneath — voila!!

Hanging them in a row above your table could look awesome too!  However, we would suggest using translucent fishing line (to give it a floating feel) and maybe staggering them in distance from ceiling to table.

Lastly, we love the way the ornaments are used on this table on three separate levels!  Using them as a centerpiece looks great and pairing it with foliage, makes it resemble a Christmas tree.  Putting them on top candle holders, accents the centerpiece exceptionally, as well as displaying a simple ornament on the table!