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Before reserving product and submitting payment, we want to make sure you’re on board with our terms, conditions, and fees before your event. Read on for the breakdowns.


Items are not reserved until a Quote is turned into a Reservation. To formally reserve, we simply request 3 things: 1) A signature to confirm agreement of all rental terms through our e-signature system, 2) A 50% retainer payment, and 3) A credit card on file in our secure, PCI compliant credit card processor system. For further information on how to reserve or on payment terms, please contact your event specialist.

A 50% non-refundable retainer is required on all reservations. A credit card is always taken at the time the order is placed, for security purposes, but you do not have to use that as the method of payment. We also accept cash and check. Payment is due in full day of delivery or will call pickup. You are able to make as many payments as you wish leading up to that day. Credit cards that cannot be processed may prevent your order from being delivered until the payment issue is resolved. A 3% admin expense will be added on any individual reservation that chooses to pay over $5,000.00 with a credit card (this also applies if multiple transactions are made that total over this amount for a single customer profile).

Our sales team is committed to making sure you get the best deal possible, which is why our equipment is charged per “rental period”. Therefore, our rental periods are not always equivalent to days. We will work with you to determine a fair rate based on the amount of time your equipment is in your possession. Any rental equipment that is returned to us late will be subject to an additional rental charge.

Delivery rates are based on mileage. If delivery is impeded by stairs, gravel, sand, or other causes that may otherwise hinder the use of our dollies or table/chair carts, an additional labor fee will be applied to the order. Here at FLEXX, we understand that our client’s time is valuable. Therefore, we just ask for at least 3-hour delivery and pickup windows between the hours of 7:30am-6:00pm, though wider windows are greatly appreciated whenever possible. This helps us to maintain our routing and trucking schedules. If unable to meet these requirements, additional specific time charges and/or off hours charges will apply. Just as your time is valuable, please understand that ours is as well in order to maintain our busy delivery and pickup schedules daily. If technicians arrive for installation or un-installation during the scheduled time frame and cannot access equipment or project site, wait clause will apply billed at $85/tech/hour (1 hour minimum). You must have at least $300 worth of rental equipment reserved in order to meet our delivery minimum for Colorado. FLEXX Productions will deliver to various cities in Colorado, as well as areas of Wyoming, Nebraska, and beyond after assessment of labor and logistics. Per diem and lodging fees may apply as well, and will be reflected on your quote or reservation.

FLEXX does not offer refunds on unused equipment. The absence of product from our warehouse prohibits other clients from renting it. Our team has also already put in the labor to ensure your product is prepped, cleaned, loaded, and ready to go for your event. Therefore, equipment cancelled or refused upon delivery or will call pickup will be charged in full.

Any equipment that requires trained technicians to set up will be installed and un-installed by the FLEXX Productions team. These items include but are not limited to tenting, tent décor, lighting, dance floors, event floors, and staging. FLEXX Productions will set up and/or take down other defined equipment for a small labor fee, such as tables and chairs. Please contact your event specialist about these premier services. Our crews do not set up linens, china, glassware or flatware as these items arrive sanitized, wrapped, and/or in containers. We do not move any non-FLEXX equipment and product will not be set up if it presents a structural or safety risk. If FLEXX Productions is presented with difficult access or is required during installation to move or re-set equipment from the original set up, drawing, design, FLEXX-created CAD or instructions, additional labor charges will apply. If FLEXX Productions is not taking down defined equipment, we request that these items are stacked as they were delivered to avoid tear down fees.

For all delivery/pickup orders, we kindly request an on-site contact to accept the rented product from our technicians as well as for any questions that may arise day-of. If the location is secure, equipment can be dropped off and recovered without someone there as long as there is safe access to the job site. Additional delivery, labor, and rental rates will be charged out accordingly if our team attempts a delivery or a pick up and needs to make an additional delivery trip or to recover equipment due to restricted access. Delivery location must be within 50 feet of truck access. Additional labor may apply if your event location needs specialty/distance access and prior arrangements have not been made to your delivery or pickup. Again, if technicians arrive for installation or un-installation during the scheduled time frame and cannot access equipment or project site, wait clause will apply billed at $85/tech/hour (1 hour minimum).If reserving a tent, please be aware that you are required to be onsite upon arrival to show location. If you are not available, it is the clients responsibility to provide an accurate map with location and direction of the tent. Failure to do so will result in the placement being up to FLEXX Productions’ discretion and may result in additional charges.

Orders must be placed or finalized at least two weeks (ten business days) prior to the delivery or will call pickup date. This helps our sales team guarantee product availability and our logistics team schedule technicians and route trucks accordingly. Any new orders or changes that occur within those two weeks (ten business days) are subject to product availability and rush processing fees.

All tenting & tent décor items need to be confirmed 60 days (approx. 2 months) in advance of the delivery or customer pick up date. All standard rental items need to be confirmed 15 days (approx. 10 business days) in advance of the delivery or customer pick-up date. FLEXX Productions always does our very best to work with our clients on any changes that come up and accommodate what we can. Cancellations after these time frames are subject to cancellation and/or re-stocking fees.

For event cancellations, we prefer to reschedule an event when we can versus fully cancelling. Full event cancellation requests and/or re-scheduled events are subject to possible fees based on resources already allocated to the event prior to the request to cancel/reschedule. The capability to reschedule an event involves multiple factors, including but not limited to: availability of product and labor over the new event dates. We assess each situation individually and try to be as fair as we can. Please contact your event specialist with any questions.

The sooner, the better. This helps ensure the availability of your rentals. Once the rentals are reserved for your event, party or wedding, you are guaranteed that equipment. Contact us for more information or to discuss your booking details.

Yes! We understand how guest counts can fluctuate and that event needs may change. We are able to make small item rental changes to your order up to two weeks (approx. ten business days) out from your delivery or will call pickup date. Additions made to orders within that time period are subject to product availability, and reduced quantities or removed items are subject to cancellation fees.

FLEXX Productions offers an optional damage waiver which covers replacement costs. The damage waiver is 10% of the rental cost total. By paying this, you are covering any accidental damage that may occur to a rental item while it is in your possession. Examples include: broken glassware, chipped china, or a tear or stain in a linen. However, any damage due to negligence is not covered by damage waiver. This would include wax burn holes in a linen, wind damage to umbrellas left up in a storm, or torn tent canvas due to not removing built up snow/water over an event. The purpose of the damage waiver is to protect the client from accidents or unforeseen circumstances. You may choose to decline the damage waiver and assume all responsibility for rental equipment and be billed out accordingly for any damages incurred during the rental period. Current replacement rates and charges can be obtained from your event specialist. To opt out of the damage waiver, we request documentation of the following: 1) Signed copy of our Damage Waiver Release Form provided by FLEXX Productions management, 2) A copy of your organization’s certificate of liability insurance (COI) with coverage up to $1 million, and 3) Name on the reservation must match the name on the COI.

After use, china, dishware, and serving equipment must be scraped free of food, glassware must be emptied, and linens must be returned in FLEXX provided “dirty linen” bags. No need to clean any items after use. FLEXX Productions will process these items in-house upon return, regardless, to maintain industry health and sanitation standards. Defined items that are excessively dirty may be subject to additional cleaning fees.

Water can cause substantial damage (such as mold and warping) to rental equipment including but not limited to dance floors, chairs, tables, and linens. This includes rain, snow, and sprinklers. We request that wet linens are not stuffed into FLEXX provided “dirty linen” bags as this can encourage mildew growth. Dance floors cannot be left uncovered if not indoors or under tenting. To avoid warping from rain (and from the sun), FLEXX will provide a tarp to cover. Additionally, if excessive rainfall occurs, our team will be in contact to instruct how to remove water build-up from your tent. As our client, you are responsible for replacement and repair costs incurred due to damaged equipment (See Damage Waiver above) if product is not properly cared for while in your possession. If booking a tent, especially in the winter months, your event specialist will send along a Winter Weather Tent Rental Terms Agreement for you to review and sign, as well. This covers how to protect your tent by removing snow and water build-up to avoid damages to tenting.


For more detailed events, FLEXX Productions offers the service of site inspections upon request. These are highly recommended, especially for events with tenting. There may be some events in which we will require an inspection prior to our installation in order to measure a space, look at truck access locations, etc. This will be communicated to you by your event specialist. Charges may apply for reinspections.

Though appointments to visit our showroom are not required, they are strongly encouraged. This way, an event specialist best suited for your needs can be available to show product, answer questions, and put together a free estimate or event reservation right then and there with you. Give us a call today at 970-223-1195 to schedule your next visit.


If your event is held on public property and your tent is large enough to need a permit, FLEXX Productions will take care of this service for you. We can then ensure proper protocol is followed and that your tent is up to the current fire codes set in place by each jurisdiction. Fees vary per jurisdiction and are created after assessing factors such as number of tents, size of tents, walled tents, and other requirements laid out by each fire department. There may be certain jurisdictions (either in the state of Colorado or out of state) that FLEXX Productions will request the client be involved or lead this process.

If your event is held on public property and your tent is being staked into the ground (as opposed to being weighted), FLEXX Productions will call in locates through the city (Colorado 8-1-1) for you. This way, we can ensure the correct area will be marked for the tent’s placement. If your event is held on private property, we request that all private lines are marked (ex. sprinkler systems) with either paint or flags prior to our arrival for delivery so we can protect your facilities.


FLEXX Productions offers a 24/7 on-call service in the instances where there is a true event emergency, such as faulty or missing equipment. We strongly encourage that clients reach out to us by calling our emergency line at 970-631-8170 where a live technician can assist by diagnosing and instructing over the phone. If unable to correct via phone call, our team will dispatch out a technician(s) to the event site to further assist.

We will provide instructions for all equipment requiring directions of use, and/or our technicians will instruct the delivery point of contact on site prior to the event. Therefore, operator error is not at our expense. As always, our team is happy to assist and answer questions, though to fairly compensate for the technician’s time additional fees may apply if the result of a call is operator error as opposed to an equipment issue. For more information on any area, see our Terms and Conditions pages included in with your quote or reservation or contact your event specialist today.

We look forward to helping you produce and execute your next event! Contact us today to book!