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“Light creates the environment, and environment creates the mood, and the mood creates the experiences.  Light is one singular experience between an average event and a great one.” –Bentley Meeker

We couldn’t agree more with that statement.  Though dressing up event design with table sizes and layouts can we fun, especially when that is paired with specialty linens and creative centerpieces, the dramatics can only go as far as the floor space given.  However, since lighting takes up virtually no space, it can be used to create a special experience between you and your guests.

For example, how would you feel walking into a venue like this?  Does this setting not create a mood that puts you in a holiday spirit?  The lighting makes you feel like you are literally in a winter wonderland just with gobos and snowflake stencils!  Additionally, because it is so over the top, your guests can tell that there was a lot of work and planning involved in making this event as breathtaking as it is.  This allows them to feel honored and privileged to be apart of it.

In this photo, the design was created through LED lights shown from the bottom of white pipe and drape.  With the placement and the color being shown from the bottom and fading out to the top, it reminds us of flames or that gives the illusion that the drape is on fire?  Either way, it gives a warm vibe to the room as well as a relaxed feeling among your guests (as long as they can tell that the drape is not actually on fire)!

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