MARIA Morales

Soft Goods Supervisor

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it with.” – Leo Christopher

The FLEXX team welcomed MARIA in June 2014. As Soft Goods Supervisor, MARIA also goes by “Warehouse Mom” where she has a not-so-easy-task of maintaining our ever growing inventory. MARIA’s spunky personality, dedication to the FLEXX team and great work ethic makes her a vital part of the success of the company.

When she’s not directing the FLEXX Soft Goods Department, MARIA can be found spending time and traveling with her four children – Tony, Jovanny, Brandon and Christian. If she’s not with her boys, you can find MARIA out having fun dancing with her friends. No matter what she’s doing, her number one goal is to have fun and keep a smile on her face.