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Umbrellas, tables, chairs, a tent, and other party rentals set up for a backyard BBQ

4 Must-Have Party Rentals for Your Backyard BBQ

Barbecue season is finally here, which means it’s time to dig out that fun apron and fire up the grill. At FLEXX Productions, we offer a range of top-notch party rentals for backyard BBQs to enhance your outdoor party experience. Our extensive inventory includes everything you need to feed your guests, keep them comfortable, and streamline cleanup. Let us help you cut down on time spent setting up, cooking, and cleaning so you can enjoy more quality time with your friends and family. Check out four essential party rentals for your next backyard BBQ!

Large propane grill rental with wheels for a backyard BBQ

Large Grill Rentals for Backyard BBQs

The grill is the undisputed star of summertime barbecues, releasing mouthwatering scents of sizzling delights. For grill masters, the heat can be a challenge, particularly on compact grills. But with a spacious BBQ, the benefits are significant! Think of all the time that can be saved on cooking allowing you more time to relax with your guests while enjoying a refreshing beverage. The larger size allows for more food to be cooked at once, accommodating a variety of dishes from meats to veggies. Whether you’re hosting a backyard bash or a small gathering, upgrading to a larger grill is an investment that will pay off in delicious dividends.

At FLEXX Production, we have many grills (and griddles) larger than your average backyard grill. Think of how many burgers and hot dogs you can make with a cooking area as large as two feet by five feet! As a bonus, all of our grills come with a full propane tank so you’re ready to go. Check out our grill rentals available in different sizes, and call us to make your reservation today.

150 QT ice chest party rental for backyard BBQs

Large Ice Chest Rentals

There’s nothing more refreshing than cracking open an ice-cold beer or soft drink on a hot summer’s day. When you’re hosting a BBQ, you don’t want to worry about how to keep the drinks cold. Especially when the kitchen fridge is packed with all the food you and your guests will devour.  At FLEXX, we have a perfect solution for you — our 150 QT Ice Chest! 

Built to hold up to 248 12oz cans and keep ice cold for seven days, this mondo cooler is a must for your next backyard BBQ. As a bonus, our ice chests are available for pick up at our warehouse conveniently located in Fort Collins. Add one (or multiple) ice chests to your wishlist today!

Beautiful white and bronze umbrellas, wine barrel tables, and other party rentals at an outdoor event

Umbrella Rentals for Backyard BBQs

Shade is a welcome relief during the peak of summer when the Colorado sun is beating down. With that said, umbrellas are one of the most simple solutions for providing more shade for your BBQ guests. At FLEXX, we have beautiful 9’ white and bronze umbrellas that are quick and easy to assemble. 

If you want to impress your guests, we have a variety of tables outfitted with holes for our umbrellas to go through. Choose from round tables or picnic tables! Elevate your backyard BBQ to the next level by pairing our bronze umbrellas with our wine barrel tables to create a rustic theme. 

Check out how beautiful our umbrellas look on their own or with a wine barrel, and add these items to your wishlist!

FLEXX Productions has all the party rentals you need, including table cloths and disposable table covers

Tablecloths & Disposable Fitted Table Covers

Are you looking for a way to protect your tables from stains without breaking out the fine table linens? Our Kwik Covers are a cost-effective way to protect your tables and help ease the post-BBQ cleanup! These table covers come in many sizes and have an elastic band around the sides to secure them tightly to the table. Afterward, there’s no need to throw them in the wash; simply dispose of them and enjoy your clean, condiment-stain-free table! 

We recommend the classic red and white checkered table covers for summer BBQs. Call our Event Specialist team to learn more about our table covers for backyard barbecues!

Find All Your Backyard BBQ Party Rentals at FLEXX!

We’re excited summer is finally here and we can’t wait to help make your backyard BBQ a success. FLEXX Productions has all the party rentals you need to elevate your outdoor bash in Colorado and Wyoming. Contact our awesome Event Specialist team today to kick off the ultimate backyard BBQ experience that’ll be as legendary as your secret sauce recipe!