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Classroom Tents at Denver Academy with FLEXX Productions

It has been an honor and pleasure working with our fearless leader’s alma mater, Denver Academy, on several classroom tents for teachers and students this school year.

The tents span their 22-acre campus and provide shade and covered protection from the outdoor elements, while allowing a space for classes to gather for lessons. As we are all aware, schools are facing several challenges and restrictions due to COVID-19, and we are honored to help create solutions and ease some of the stress load.

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Tents and temporary structures are versatile, scalable, and easy to clean. Outdoor spaces help schools and universities to provide safer spaces with air flow for congregating. Walls, lighting, and heating can be added to any tent, allowing them to still be utilized through the coming fall and winter months.

With nearly 20 years of experience, FLEXX is your professional resource to help you continue to reopen safely—both locally and beyond.


Solutions to Social Distancing • Custom Safety Protocols • Tailored Results

Reach out to us today to discuss some of your continued challenges. We are with you on your solution for a safe and successful school year.