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We would argue that one of the best things about holiday season is all of the fun decor. Who else loves switching up their home’s aesthetic during this time of year? It’s even fun to switch it up from year to year, based on the current trends.

An easy and cost effective way to change up your fall interior and event design this year is to make your own decor! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to look cheesy or like a kindergartener did it. We’ll walk you through some of our favorite options to help inspire you this Thanksgiving!


1. Start with a FLEXX Linen
With over 100 different options to rent, we know you’ll find the perfect linen color and fabric to match your Thanksgiving theme and set the tone of your dinner. Take a look at our selection or stop by our showroom to view them in person. We can also send you home with free swatches so you can make sure they match your DIY decor. FLEXX also has three different china lines, glass options, and flatware sets to help complete your table. Call us today and we will help you decide what you need!

2. Free Printables
Tons of websites have cute games and activities that are totally free to download. Mix one into your table settings as a cute way to dress it up! This will also give your guests or family an “ice breaking” activity to do before dinner – and a reason to remember the season of thankfulness!


3. Pumpkins
There are so many ways to incorporate pumpkins into your fall and Thanksgiving theme. Use one as another way to show your thanks, paint some miniatures to create a unique centerpiece or “table runner”, or dress one up as your main centerpiece.

4. Speaking of Pumpkins, Don’t Forget the Pie!
Create a fun banner with pie slices to welcome your guests or dress up your food buffet!


5. Bring the Outdoors Inside
Use leaves to make fun place cards to personalize the table a bit more and make your guests feel special. This one is even fun to do with the kids! If you don’t want to do leaves, you could write a nice place card and set it next to either pinecones or acorns to do something a little more outside of the box.